fertilization-services-portland-oregonJust as humans need nutritious food to be strong and healthy, plants need nutrients to grow and thrive. Most soil, however, does not provide the essential compounds plants need. Even nutrient rich soil becomes depleted as plants grow and absorb these elements. Fertilizing your soil provides your lawn with a balanced set of nutrients, creating the ideal conditions for healthy grass to grow.

A consistent fertilization program is as quintessential to plant health as a balanced, wholesome diet is to a person’s well-being. You need vitamins and minerals to stay active and fit. Plants need the nutrients found in fertilizer to survive and flourish. The nitrogen in fertilizer, for example, enhances your lawn’s color. That’s because nitrogen is a key component of chlorophyll, the green substance in plants responsible for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make their own food. So adding nitrogen to your soil nourishes your grass and makes it greener.

The compounds in fertilizer also stimulate root growth, improve water retention and efficiency, promote resistance to disease, and improve grass’s overall vigor. They help your lawn survive through harsh winter conditions, and help defend against weeds.

Fertilizer comes in two forms: liquid and granular. Applying liquid fertilizer makes nutrients readily available for your grass to absorb. You will rapidly see results with its use. Without the addition of granular fertilizer, however, these results will be short-lived. Granular fertilizer is absorbed at a slower rate, so it has long lasting benefits for your turf.

At Four Seasons, we use a combination of liquid and granular fertilizer to maximize the advantages of both. With our fertilization service, you will see a lawn that is lush and healthy now, and that stands the test of time.