Despite the overall effectiveness of pre-emergent herbicides, a few especially stubborn invaders inevitably will sprout

To combat this problem, we administer post-emergent herbicides. These formulas kill weeds by entering through their leaves. The plants’ vascular systems then transport the herbicide throughout the weeds, totally decimating the vile trespassers. These types of herbicides are specific to unwanted plant species, and carefully applied to ensure the health of surrounding foliage.

As with pre-emergent herbicides, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best application method. Timing, for instance, is crucial. Weeds are most effectively eliminated when they are young and actively growing. Seasonal change, soil conditions, and adjacent plant types must be taken into account as well. The landscapers at Four Seasons have the skill and expertise to effectively ascertain and safely administer your post-emergent herbicidal needs.