Your only limit is your imagination. Perhaps it’s an inlaid stone path running alongside your new retaining wall and through a decorative arbor, into your lovely new patio. That patio may be adorned with garden plants, trees, even etched concrete and special brickwork. It might have a stairway leading into your home, to a greenhouse, gazebo or into a terraced section of your yard or grounds.

Or, your vision might not yet be complete. Yes, you do want that patio and retaining wall, but you’re not quite sure what to put in and around that terraced yard section, or the landing at the top of those stairs. There may be apparent physical restrictions or obstacles. You may have questions about what to do in some areas; the possibilities are many. But there are few questions, obstacles or issues that our experts cannot address. We’ll work with you not only before the project starts, but also continuously as it moves along, and we won’t stop there. We stand by our construction work, and will make sure that you’ll be happy with it for years to come.