pruning-land-care-portland-oregonYou already know that pruning your plants makes them neater and more picturesque. Pruning directs and controls new growth, which guides the size and shape of your plants. It introduces shape and structure to your landscape. Varying heights and widths of shrubs form pleasing patterns, and can create a focal point that really catches the eye.

You probably also know that pruning is good for plants. Removing old stems encourages new growth. This keeps plants young, thereby improving their overall health. Pruning at the right time, and in the right places increases the number of shoots, and thus boosts the quantity and quality of fruit, flowers and foliage.

Dense growth needs to be periodically thinned to improve air circulation and expose inner and lower leaves to light. Removing dead or damaged parts of plants even helps prevent the spread of disease.

Four Seasons professionals have the equipment and expertise to optimize the health benefits of pruning while customizing your plants’ appearance to create your desired aesthetic. The outcome will be plants in prime health sculpting your terrain into a striking, lustrous landscape.