mowing-lawn-care-portland-oregonKeep it short. A regular mowing program does more for your lawn than you may realize. Besides the obvious cosmetic appeal, a proper mowing routine is essential to the long-term health of your grass.

Every time your grass is cut, it grows stronger and thicker. When mowed correctly, grass is able to replenish and improve itself, and grow more grass plants. The upshot is a stronger, denser lawn.

Mowing also promotes even growth by balancing the distribution and absorption of sunlight and water throughout the turf. A level lawn is a healthy lawn.

Consistent mowing and good overall maintenance improve your lawn’s resilience to damage caused by inclement weather, weeds, pests and disease. A healthy lawn will bounce back much more quickly than a neglected one.

Size matters. A vibrant, well-manicured lawn is one that is mowed at the right height at the right time. Warm and cool seasons require different mowing lengths. We will mow your turf on a weekly, or on an as needed basis, to the season-appropriate height.