hedging-landscaping-portland-oregonWell-manicured hedges are the perfect touch to any landscape. These timeless features serve several functions. Hedges create an outline to your property. Fence sized hedges allow privacy, and deter unwanted visitors. On large plots, hedges can divide distinct areas of your land and focus the eye on areas you wish to highlight. Hedges sited on slopes even reduce erosion from rainfall.

For all their advantages though, hedges take a lot of work to maintain. The Northwest climate spurs fast growth, which can get out of hand quickly. Regular trimming is not only aesthetically necessary. It also enables hedges to fill out, and trains them to grow to their fullest potential. Keeping hedges trimmed is essential to reaching and achieving your ideal landscape.

Some types of hedge plants need more attention and require more frequent trimming than others. Seasonal change dramatically influences growth patterns as well. The professionals at Four Seasons have the knowledge, experience and expertise to consider these factors, along with your own personal vision, when determining your specific hedge management needs.