scalping-lawn-four-seasons-portland-oregonWinter is tough on grass. During the cold winter months, grass becomes dormant. When sunlight becomes scarce, and frigid temperatures set in, plants respond by shutting down non-essential processes. One such process is the production of chlorophyll, the compound that gives grass its green pigment. Another is growth, which remains stagnant until warmer temperatures in spring set in.

One of the fastest, most effective ways to green up your lawn is by scalping it in the spring. Scalping simply means removing the layer of dormant grass by cutting it expressly short. Doing this clears away winter debris, makes fertilizer and herbicides more effective, and helps prevent thatch and weed accumulation. It also allows sunlight to reach the stems and warm the ground more quickly, creating an ideal atmosphere for vigorous growth of fresh, healthy green grass.

Scalping is most productive when done in spring. If done too early, grass stems risk exposure to injuriously low temperatures and frost. Scalping too late stresses turf, and shocks the grass into slowing growth until it can recover. We at Four Seasons offer this service between March 15th and April 30th. This is the ideal time frame to maximize the benefit of scalping—a dramatic increase in growth and color.

Scalping is a method best left to the professionals. Improper scalping can deplete grass’s energy reserves, weakening or killing grass, and leaving it vulnerable to weeds. Unsightly bald spots result. Our professionals have the tools and know-how to avoid these pitfalls, and transform your dormant lawn into a brilliant green blanket of fresh, flourishing grass.